24 Nov 2011

How Mona Was Assaulted by Egypt's Police

At around 5am Caracas local time I finally went to sleep. When I woke up just 3 hours later I quickly grabbed my blackberry to find out about Mona Eltahawy. And she had already been released.

She had experienced 12 hours of detention in Egypt. In this video she tells her ordeal and how she was beaten and abused by the Egyptian police. She has one broken arm and one broken hand !

Just a few hours earlier I had written about
Mona and prayed - ironically - that she would not "go through the same abuse that she works so hard to save other women from" !

Sadly such treatment by the police is not proper to Egypt. Unfortunately it often goes unreported in most Arab countries.

Find out about Jehane Noujaim, another Egyptian-American detained in Egypt until the time of posting this video The Jehane I know is No Spy !


Thank you Marwan Al Muraisy for the video

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سنفورة said...

never under estimate the power of prayers! :) im so glad she was freed.

It is really important in the arab world to discuss and address each person who suffers from such injustice so that their cause wont be forgotten and they won't disappear into the unknown.

keep up the good work Deema!