I don't report or write in English as much as I do in Arabic. However, I am compiling here some of my work in English with Al Jazeera and some English interviews & press articles. 

Also.. as promised, I am blogging in English..

NOTE : AJE stories are property of Al Jazeera's. However any comments on the stories and other writings are mine alone and do not represent Al Jazeera's views.

Palestine - Solidarity with Palestine in Latin America

Media - TEDx Talk in Brazil

Poetry - Samer Issawi

Emirates - UAE Adventures : Getting a Driver's License !! Part II

Emirates - UAE Adventures : Getting a Driver's License !! Part I

Venezuela - Hugo Chavez in My Eyes !

Poetry - Distances

Poetry - Syria

Social Media - Instagramming ...

Palestine - The Painful Truth About Israel and Gaza

Emirates - UAE Adventures - Dubai - Abu Dhabi

Women - Love, Not Hatred, Dear Mona !

Syria - The Syrian Uprising Through Palestinian Eyes - By Budour Hassan

Syria - Everybody Loves Bashar. Everybody Loves The Constitution

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's Bravest Man

Syria - When Revolution Reaches Your Neighbourhood

Libya - Mapping Libya's #Feb17 Hashtag on Twitter

Egypt - Much More Than Football

Egypt - And I am an Egyptian Indeed

Twitter - The 100 Most Influential Arabs on Twitter Based on Klout

Kansas University - The Revolution Will be Tweeted

Tunisia / Egypt - Journalists Tweeting Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions

Egypt - A Parliament With Hardly Any Women !

Egypt - The Army and SCAF

Syria - Syrian Longings

Sweden - Tweeting the Arab Revolutions - with Sultan Al Qassemi

Iraq - Control Room

Egypt - The Jehan I Know is No Spy !

Egypt - Mona !

Egypt - A Photo for History

Egypt - Like Syria, Like Egypt? Not Quite, But .. !

Egypt - Virginity Tests

Venezuela - New Military Unit Deployed to Fight Crime - AJE

Yemen - How Twitter Got a Reuters Reporter Sacked !

Venezuela - US Baseball Star Wilson Ramos Kidnapped - AJE (video)

Palestine - UNESCO Vote Determines Real Sovereignty of Nations

Egypt - Alaa : The Spirit of a Revolution

Palestine - The Story of Palestine

Malta - Charming, Mediterranean and very Arabian

Syria - 29 Years Later, the Story Repeats Itself

Libya - Younes : a traitor .. not a traitor !

Libya - Younes is .. Dead !

Libya - "Maash Nibbouh" ! (or, We Don't Want Him Any More)

Libya - We, Libyans, decide

Libya - Will Libya Overcome its Grudges?

Egypt/Libya - Hopping From One Revolution to the Other

Egypt - Egypt's Economy : Where To Go? - AJE (video)

Syria - Unstoppable !

Syria - Regime Robots?

Egypt - Tahrir 1 July 2011

Egypt - Tahrir : Revolution Revisited

Egypt - Revolution .. Yet No Solution

Egypt - The Leader of the Melons

Egypt - Nawarti Misr (or, Welcome to Egypt)

Egypt - Hello Egypt !

Israel/US - The BiBi No Speech

Israel/US - Netanyahu's Speech in Congress and the Politics of Clapping

US - I am not a suspected "terrorist" any more

Syria - Inspiration.. Hallucination !

Venezuela - Politically Divided - AJE (video)

Iraq - The "Fall of Baghdad" 8 years ago - AJE (video)

Venezuela - TeleSUR and Al Jazeera

Venezuela - From Libya to Venice - With Hugo Chavez

Venezuela/China - Oil and Much More - AJE

Venezuela - Chavez of Arabia - August 2006

Mexico - A Yellow Revolution Brewing? - July 2006

Iraq - CNN's Larry King Live from Doha, on the Fall of Baghdad

Iraq - With CNN's Wolf Blitzer from Doha, on Post-Saddam Iraq