16 Jul 2011

Unstoppable !

It is surreal to watch this video from my native Damascus, where I was born, where I grew up. I don't know Qaboun very well but I have been there. It is not too far from Abbasiyin Square which I remember that protesters had thought of in the beginning of the March15 protests as their potential sit-in Tahrir-style square.

Syrian revolutionaries have come a long way. It brings tears to my eyes to see this, to feel its beat, to hear their voices, just one voice: The people want to topple the regime.

Only those who have lived in Syria would understand what it takes to get to this. Such amazing courage !

It is a human river reaching the capital Damascus, a human river that cannot be stopped. And this is just one neighbourhood.. Just one.

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Firas said...

Indeed unbelievable. Syrian Tahrir is coming. And these people are fearless. Omayd and Abbassid squares should becomenour Tahrirs. Be sure that once a sit-in takes place in Omayad Square the regime is gone