3 Jul 2011

Regime Robots in Syria

Truly amazing
Pure "Syrian regime" comedy

This is a "national initiative for Syria" conference in Damascus.. supposedly one of those initiatives that Syria is showing the world that it is working on to solve the so-called "crisis".

Watch and read explanation below :

First man is clearly pro-regime. In his statement he is distancing himself from "others" whom he criticises because they spread "fitna" = division

Then this other man behind him, a very courageous person says : "this conference wouldn't have been possible without the martyrs' blood. If we intend to adopt people's demands we should adopt all of their demands, and the first of their demands is to topple the regime"

And... ====> the regime robots get activated ... and the tape in their heads runs: "Allah, Syria, Bashar and nothing else"

I assume they have sensors installed to detect words such as "topple" !!!

What kind of "dialogue" and what kind of "initiative" are possible with such robots and such mentalities?

I would like to know what happened to the very brave man who spoke out

Please would someone download this video and keep it, in case it disappears from the net like many others that show the real ugly intolerant face of the Syrian regime?

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