1 Jul 2011

Tahrir 1 July 2011

Not a big turnout today.. I would say a few thousands.  People on the square are calling for a big rally next Friday 8 July. Today's Friday is: Punishment Friday. Here are some pictures from a balcony in one the buildings on Tahrir Square where I have been doing my live interviews on Al Jazeera..  Wait a second, am I really going live on Al Jazeera from Tahrir Square, not on Twitter? :)  Who would have thought? I never imagined that I would get the opportunity to do it

This crowd seems to be chanting the most out of Tahrir today: Tantawi is Mubarak, People Want to Topple the Field Marshal, Interior Ministry is still the same, Minister of Interior LEAVE, People Want Mubarak's Execution

It was exciting to be actually going live with one of my favourite Egyptian tweeps Hussam Hamalawy (@3arabawy on Twitter) ..  And he had to take the stairs to the 8th floor because the lift was from the 19th century ! :)  In this pic we are preparing for the duo live

Husssam and I discussed the aims of today's rally at Tahrir, next Friday's 8 July rally and the latest Tahrir  events.. He expressed his disappointment with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces amongst other things

And this is a huge Syrian flag next to the "Arab Unity" flag going around Tahrir

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