12 Dec 2011

Syrian Longings

I long to throw myself into your arms

I long to breathe through your skin

I long to smell your spicy scents

I long to get lost in your alleyways

I long to fill my ears with your noise

I long for your Autumn leaves and Spring trees

I long for your Summer fruits and Winter sun

I long for your soft evening breeze

I long to feel my heart beat

As I see your beauty from the plane

I long to revisit your history, again

I long to recite your poetry, as before

I long to dance to your music, like a child

I long to run freely in your veins, and not stop

I long to drink your elixir, and dream

I long to climb your proud mountains

I long to dive into your warm seas

I long to stare at your sparkling stars

I long to stay up in your moonlight

I long to simply feel your soul

Our love is unique, untouchable

But I dream of one day feeling free

To love you and be with you as I please

I dream of feeling you are free too, my Syria

Our love is eternal. Let it also be.. free

1 comment:

Ahmad El-Hamamy said...

Dima, you are a great person :)