22 Feb 2012

Saudi Arabia's "Bravest Man": Alone At Court?

Do you know about Khaled?

For many months we did not know anything about the famous Saudi citizen who dared speak up and demand freedom in his country. Many people referred to him as Saudi Arabia's bravest man. We presumed he was in jail... and indeed he has been. I found a statement by Amnesty International on his case. I also found information on his whereabouts (a prison named Al Ha'ir) and his up-coming trial - today Wednesday - on Shaimaa Khalil's Blog .  Shaimaa is the BBC journalist who managed, miraclously, to do the story about Khaled from inside Saudi Arabia.

Watch part of her story in Arabic, with English subtitles

After permission from Shaimaa, I am copying below her latest blogpost containing all the available information she got on his case


Khaled Jehani: The Only Protester

Khaled Mohamed Al Jehani stands trial in the Saudi capital Riyadh today. He's charged with speaking to foreign media about subjects which harm the kingdom and for demonstrating.

Khaled was arrested on March the 11th 2011 when he answered calls on social media pages to take to the streets of Riyadh and demonstrate in what was called the 'Day of Rage'.

At 'Grievance Square' or 'Diwan Al Mathalem' a demonstration was expected. But Khaled ended up being the only protester and despite the notorious security presence he came up and spoke to journalists.


Read my blogpost in Arabic خالد، "أشجع رجل في السعودية"، وحيد في محاكمته

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