18 Feb 2012

Mapping Libya's #Feb17 Hashtag on Twitter

One year after the start of Libya's Revolution I came across this video in which the Twitter activity is traced during the first 24 hours of Libya's February 17th Revolution under the hashtag #Feb17. I presume they traced the first 24 hours as from February 17th.. although the protests actually started earlier than scheduled, on February 15th

But anyway I am proud to be among the main contributors to this hashtag. I covered the Libyan Revolution on Twitter from my Caracas home, almost around the clock. 

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fadl koubeissi said...

دائما مبدعة ديما و الى الامام مع اني اختلف معك ببعض الافكار تجاه بعض الاحداث في العالم العربي ..النجاح و
الى الامام انشاء الله

fadl koubeissi