29 Jun 2011

ماليزيا: نجاح اقتصادي يلهم مصر الثورة

رئيس الوزراء الماليزي الأسبق مهاتير محمد يصر على رفضه قروض البنك الدولي وصندوق النقد الدولي ، ويروي قصة نجاح ماليزيا اقتصادياً إلى المصريين بعد تراجع مصر عن قروض المؤسستين الدوليتين 

تاريخ بث التقرير: ٢٩ يونيو حزيران ٢٠١١
مكان التصوير : القاهرة
تصوير : ياسر سليمان
مونتاج : أحمد ربيع

1 comment:

Swayallway said...

Its interesting to have Mahathir Mohamad as an example to promote in Egypt.
The man had a theory that his nation was not ready for Democracy, he role the country for 22 years having all powers in his hand and cracking all the opposition, he could be Mubarak in that regard.
Yet, his intention was to teach his people and to make Malays a great economic nation and he managed to teach them democracy and build an economic success.
I Love this man and I believe that Egypt and Tunisia and the rest of the Arab countries need a true leader to move us to the developed country league. not by going every week and for every reason to tahrir square will make Egypt a great country. The old regime is out, and the new one is about to be born with the fact that the street is alive if things will turn to the worst again.

a harsh opinion, I know but somebody need to take care of Egypt. The country is about to be bankrupt.