31 Oct 2011

Alaa : the Spirit of a Revolution

الحرية لعلاء عبد الفتاح
Alaa is a relentless and fearless revolutionary, a passionate fighter for freedom with a highly creative mind. 

I met Alaa in Cairo this year in Tweet Nadwa, a gathering of tweeps to debate topics related to the revolution. It is one of his many revolutionary initiatives. 

His latest initiative is defying the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) by refusing to be questioned by the military prosecution, for which he got 15 days in prison. His act of defiance represents the true spirit of 25 January revolution which breaks barriers and innovates ways of resistance to achieve freedom.

Defending Alaa is not just about him and his freedom, it is about the now 15 thousand civilians subjected to military trials in Egypt since the fall of Mubarak. It is about the survival of a great revolution. 

In Arabic 
علاء الثورة

In Spanish

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